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Untangle Your Tax Problems

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Tax Lawyer with a Practice Focused on Tax Dispute Resolution and Tax Litigation

Combining knowledge of taxation with practical experience dealing with the CRA and appearing before the Tax Court of Canada, Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal.

* Accepting complex assignments.

If you have been reassessed or your request for taxpayer relief has been denied, it’s not the end of the road yet. You may think that you have no recourse, but I may see otherwise. Reach out to me before abdicating your rights.

How Can I Help?

Tax Dispute Resolution   |   Tax Appeal

Representation During a Tax Audit  ●  Objection to a Tax Reassessment  ●  Appeal to the Tax Court of Canada

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Taxpayer Relief   |   Voluntary Disclosure   |   Judicial Review

Application to the CRA Under the Taxpayer Relief Program  ●  Judicial Review of a CRA Decision Before the Federal Court

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Tax Opinion   |   Advance Tax Ruling

Detailed Legal Opinion  ●  Advance Tax Ruling  ●  Review of Tax Implications of Contemplated Transaction

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