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Tax Lawyer with a Practice Focused on Tax Dispute Resolution and Tax Litigation (Income Tax / GST & QST)

Combining knowledge of taxation with extensive experience dealing with tax authorities and appearing before the courts.

For each file, we commit to providing you with: (1) a clear appreciation of your legal position; (2) the various options available to you; (3) relentless commitment to defending your rights and advancing your position; (4) responsive and uncompromising client service; and (5) a fair and predictable fee arrangement.

Contact us if:

  • – You received an audit letter from the CRA or Revenu Quebec (audits often start with a “request for information”)
  • – You disagree with a notice of reassessment or redetermination showing that you owe money to the government
  • – You are considering taking your matter to court after your objection was denied
  • – You are concerned about a tax issue and would like to seek guidance
  • – You owe money to the government and are being pressured to pay beyond your means
  • – You would like to apply for taxpayer relief or make a VDP application
  • – You have doubts with regard to how your file is progressing and would like a second opinion


Les méthodes indirectes de vérification dont disposent l’ARC et l’ARQ

L’administration du régime fiscal au Canada est fondée sur l’autocotisation par les contribuables, mais renforcée par les vérifications des autorités fiscales afin de s’assurer de l’exactitude des montants déclarés. La confiance que le gouvernement nous accorde doit donc pouvoir être validée.

Director’s Liability – Checking the Box Is Not Due Diligence

The role of director of a corporation comes with privileges, but also responsibilities. In the context of taxation, directors have a duty to ensure that source withholdings, including GST and QST, are collected by the corporation and remitted to the tax authorities. Failure to do so will implicate the directors’ personal responsibility.

How Can We Help?

Tax Dispute Resolution   |   Tax Appeal

Representation During a Tax Audit  ●  Objection to a Tax Reassessment ●  Tax Appeal

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Taxpayer Relief   |   Voluntary Disclosure   |   Judicial Review

Taxpayer Relief and Voluntary Disclosure Application  ●  Judicial Review of a Decision

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Tax Opinion   |   Advance Tax Ruling

Legal Opinion ●  Advance Tax Ruling  ●  Tax Implications of Contemplated Structure

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